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  1. CS 600.443: Security and Privacy in Computing

  2. CS 600.643: Advanced Topics in Computer Security

  1. CS 600.344: Computer Network Fundamentals

I teach an introductory class in security and privacy each Fall. Lecture topics include computer security, network security, basic cryptography, system design methodology, and privacy. There is a heavy work load, including written homework, programming assignments, exams and a comprehensive final. The class also includes a semester-long project that is done in teams and includes a presentation by each group to the class.

In the Spring semester, I teach an advanced topics seminar in security. Topics vary from year to year, but focus mainly on network perimeter protection, host-level protection, authentication technologies, intellectual property protection, formal analysis techniques, intrusion detection and similarly advanced subjects. Emphasis in this course is on understanding how security issues impact real systems, while maintaining an appreciation for grounding the work in fundamental science. Students study and present various advanced research papers to the class. There are homework assignments and a course project.

I also teach Computer Network Fundamentals. This is an undergraduate introductory course in computer networking.