Hardcover - 432 pages (February, 2001)
O'Reilly ISBN: 059600110X

This O'Reilly book is available now from and from Barnes and Noble. Marc Waldman, Lorrie Cranor, and Avi Rubin wrote two chapters. Chapter 11 is on Publius and Chapter 15 is on Trust in Distributed Systems.

Table of Contents

Andy Oram

Part I. Context and Overview

Chapter 1. A Network of Peers: Peer-to-Peer Models Through the History of the Internet
Nelson Minar and Marc Hedlund, Popular Power

Chapter 2. Listening to Napster
Clay Shirky

Chapter 3. Remaking the Peer-to-Peer Meme
Tim O'Reilly

Chapter 4. The Cornucopia of the Commons
Dan Bricklin

Part II. Projects

Chapter 5. SETI@home
David Anderson

Chapter 6. Jabber: Conversational Technologies
Jeremie Miller

Chapter 7. Mixmaster Remailers
Adam Langley

Chapter 8. Gnutella
Gene Kan

Chapter 9. Freenet
Adam Langley

Chapter 10. Red Rover: A Distributed Anti-censorship Strategy
Alan Brown

Chapter 11. Publius
Marc Waldman, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Avi Rubin

Chapter 12. Free Haven
Roger Dingledine, Michael J. Freedman, and David Molnar

Part III. Technical Topics

Chapter 13. Metadata
Rael Dornfest and Dan Brickley

Chapter 14. Performance
Theodore Hong

Chapter 15. Trust
Marc Waldman, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Avi Rubin

Chapter 16. Accountability
Roger Dingledine, MIT, Michael J. Freedman, MIT, and David Molnar, Harvard University

Chapter 17. Reputation
Richard Lethin

Chapter 18. Groove: Secure Groupware for Real-world Collaboration
Jon Udell, Nimisha Asthagiri, and Walter Tuvell

Chapter 19. Interoperability Through Gateways
Brandon Wiley

Appendix. Directory of Peer-to-Peer Projects


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The term peer-to-peer has come to be applied to networks that expect end-users to contribute their own files, computing time, or other resources to some shared project. Even more interesting than the systems' technical underpinnings are their socially disruptive potential: in various ways they return content, choice, and control to ordinary users.

This book presents the goals that drive the developers of the best-known peer-to-peer systems, the problems they've faced, and the technical solutions they've found. Learn here the essentials of peer-to-peer from leaders of the field:

You'll find information on the latest and greatest systems as well as upcoming efforts in this book. Peer within!